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Our history

In 2010, for a personal reason, he began studying the requirements to build a very unique instrument in the percussion area: The Peruvian Cajón. When I finished it and showed it to my son's drum teacher, I was surprised at the excellent work he told me he had accomplished. Motivated by him and other musicians, I gradually got involved in improving, making other similar instruments and also innovating from the design of form and image. This is how I started creating exclusive instruments with new sounds.


By 2012, they were already on display in national universities and musical development centers and were present in the windows of musical instrument stores.

Baptista has been around for the last 14 years; largely supplying the great boom that the Peruvian Cajón and other instruments have had in the course of recent times. As an instrument maker I have been invited to events of cultural interest at the University of Costa Rica, to the International Percussion Ensemble Festival of the Universidad a Distancia. UNED., also to master classes by renowned artists in the world of percussion, and educational centers in talks for musical education.


Thanks to the experience and knowledge of many national and international artists, serious work has been achieved with criteria of quality and excellence.

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