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All of our products are 100% made out of wood specially - Cedar, Teak, Laurel and Plywood. Our products are tested by different musicians before we deliver them. Remember Baptista creates unique in style instruments 100% hand made.

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*We try to keep all of our instruments in stock, if we dont have your model it will take between one (1) week or (2) to deliver your instrument.

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Cajon Aura Cedar | Order Now

Baptista Cajon Aura | View Details

Cajon Sara | Order Now

Baptista Cajon Sara | View Details

Cajon Laurel | Order Now

Baptista Cajon Laurel | View Details

Cajon Eco | Order Now

Baptista Cajon Eco | View Details

Cajon Teka | Order Now

Baptista Cajon Teka | View Details

Baptunga Unique| Order Now

Baptunga Unique | View Details

Conga Tumbadora | Order Now

Conga Tumbadora | View Details

Conga Quinto | Order Now

Conga Quinto | View Details

Bongos Dos Tinas | Order Now

Bongos Collection | View Details

Cajon Rumba Small | Order Now

Cajon Rumba S Collection | view details

Cajon Rumba | Order Now

Cajon Rumba Collection | View Details

Marimbula | Order Now

Baptista Marimbula | View Details

Marvin Diz Congas Set | Order Now

Marvin Diz Congas | View Details

Marvin Diz Cajon Rumba S | Order Now

Marvin Diz Cajon Rumba S | view details

Marvin Diz Cajon Rumba G | Order Now

Marvin Diz Cajon Rumba G | View Details

Marvin Diz Tank Drum | Order Now Special Order

Marvin Diz Tank Drum | view details

Tongue | Order NowSpecial Order

Baptista Tongue | View Details