His constant struggle to achieve an evolution of Cuban music while retaining its inherent and traditional traits, has deepened his musical roots, thus achieving a vast knowledge of popular Latin percussion. In this way, and coupled with his experience to bring this music to a changing context, he has been positioned as one of the percussion educators with higher knowledge of the teaching of these genres to the new generations.

Marvin Diz grew up in Cuba in a family with a strong music context through which developed an identity and musical expression have been given the opportunity to build a career and get to position itself as one of the most important Latin percussionists around the world, and particularly in the city of New York, where he currently lives. He studied at the conservatory Gerardo Delgado Gauche and then at the School of Training for music Felix Varela y Morales

As an independent artist, Diz has had opportunities to work with musicians such as Brian Lynch, Jojo Mayer, Bobby Carcases, Armando Manzanero, Mark Weinstein, Experimental Group Canto America, Albita Rodriguez, Alex Cuba, Yosvany Terry, Osmany Paredes, Pedrito Martinez, Yahir, Bianca Wu, Alfredo De la Fe, Xiomara Laugart, Silvy Henrry, Rashia, Miguel Inzunsa Orchestra 40 degrees, Claudette Sierra, Conjunto Chocolate,amongst others.

The Maestro Diz has had the privilege of recording three albums including Brian Lynch "Sympathetic" winner of the Grammy Award for Best Album in the Latin jazz category in 2006. Additionally, he has participated in discs with Bobby Carcasses, Xiomara Laugart, Eliel Lazo, Chembo Corniel, Bianca Wu, Rashia, Miguel Valdes, Pedrito Martinez, amongst others.

In 2008 he presented his first solo album "Speak Drum", in which a stellar roster of world-renowned musicians such as Giovanni Hidalgo, Brian Lynch, Osmany Paredes, Yosvany Terry, Ruben Rodriguez, Mauricio Herrera participates, Xiomara Laugart, Miguel Valdes, Pedrito Martinez, Ralph Irizarry, Mike Rodriguez, Elio Villafranca, Marshall Gilkes, Hilaro Bell, Panagiotis Andreu and many more.

Marvin has developed an international career as an educator, which has given countless opportunities to teach in universities, conservatories, and festivals such as the University of Costa Rica UCR, Amadeo Roldan Conservatory (Cuba), Drum Festival (Costa Rica), University of Michigan UMS, Universidad Veracruzana (Mexico), EUM School of music (Uruguay), Tocolobombo percussion Festival (Argentina), Vocational Institute of Art (Buenos Aires), Argentina, percussion Workshop (Netherlands), Palace music (Uruguay) , Workshop (Córdoba Argentina), National Institute of Music OSN, a National University, amongst others, where it has been carrying their cultural heritage to new generations of percussionists and musicians who have taken part in his classes.

He is currently working on his first two books which will be titled, "History and Evolution of Conga, Timbal and Bongo" and "Two Worlds of Classical Percussion". These texts will emphasize historical knowledge and technical learning of various percussive instruments, presenting them as a starting point towards a new era of popular percussion. Furthermore, it is recording his second album which will be entitled "percussing something that sounds more"; production evidenced Marvin Diz experiences in different areas of their lives by walking through its history, its inner spirituality and their experiences, above, reflected through music.

Marvin Diz Series

Marvin Diz Series

Marvin Diz Series

All of our instruments are 100% hand made and detailed as requested per “El Maestro” Marvin Diz.
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