PRO MUSICIAN | Carlos Tapado

Carlos Vargas was born on January 22, 1971 in San Jose. In school at the Conservatorio of Castella he was exposed to all arts. He learned to play several instruments and his first year of college he entered a percussion class with his best friend Carlomagno Vargas.

At the age of 11 year old, he would be a member of the band American Center of Instrumental Studies (CIDESIN), the OAS, along with other young people across Costa Rica. Vargas was selected to play percussion among students of Castella.

His teacher Flor Porras was an important influence, whom led him to discover the arts. Later he received lessons from Roy Mora, Roberto Vargas, Manrique Mendez and Rodrigo Salas. He graduated from the Conservatory in 1987.

In college he took Business Administration, but did not like it. He began teaching in primary Castella, a position he held for seven years and taught about the importance of education.

At this time he was part of the San José group, that musicalized poems by Jorge Debravo, and Cantoamérica, who were instrumental in his evolution as a musician. It integrated with Lalo Rojas, Walter Flores, Ramses Araya and other musicians of Latin Jazz Sextet, which was the most important national group of jazz in the late eighties.

He realized that music would be his life and began to study at the National Youth Orchestra in 1989. He participated in the Youth Band and the Youth Symphony, in a formative stage.

In 1993 he, Edin Solis, and Ricardo Ramirez, formed the group linking Editus jazz with Latin rhythms. He resigned from the Castella and devoted his time exclusively to his group.

With Editus, Carlos has traveled to over 30 countries in America, Asia and Europe and has shared the stage with artists such as León Gieco, Pedro Aznar and Aterciopelados. Furthermore, in 2000, he won a Grammy along with the Panamanian Ruben Blades for Best Latin Pop interpretation of the year with the song "Times".

In 2003, along with Blades, they won two other Grammy in the categories of "Best World Music Album" and "Best Contemporary Tropical Album" for the album World.

In 1999 formed with Jaime and Fidel Gamboa, Manuel Obregón, Gilberto Jarquín and Ivan Rodriguez, the group Malpais toured the country several times and has released 4 albums.

Besides being a percussionist, Tapado has expertise in photography and alternative medicine. He is certified for treatment with Acutonics (vibrational therapy tuning forks). He works as a lecturer on topics such as the power of sound and the importance of music in history.

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