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Baptista percussion is a company that is constantly in search of maximum sound quality on each of the instruments of music that we design and produce, always motivated by or customers who are satisfied with our quality, service, and sound.

Today we are proud of the results, but more than that, we feel impelled to achieve more every day, to optimize each and every one of the elements that make up our musical instruments.

Our Founder

Arturo Avendaño Baptista. He studied Industrial Design at the Universidad Nacional of Colombia, in the city of Bogotá (1981-1984), he moved to Costa Rica and work as a designer and also as an Assisstant to scenery paintings, with his teacher, Fernando Castro. In 1993 he founded Rotulos America, a company currently dedicated to individual and business advertising.

In 2010, he dedicated himself to researching and manufacturing percussion instruments based on the Peruvian cajon.

Through this process, he gained the interest of several Costa Rican musicians renowned in the national musical medium. He has received the international collaboration of Cuban musicians such as Marvin Diz, and Puerto rican musician Jose Rosa.

Our Manager

Andres Avendano, is the General Manager of Baptista Percussion, and a lover of Latin music especially Salsa. Andres has dedicated his talents and IT background to build and manage structures and operations to bring Baptista Percussion into the international market. All this with the clear objective to have our musicians and customers in Latin America and the United States (our new home) satisfied.

Andres is also an amateur pianist. He has recorded an Album with a Christian rock band called Seventh Avenue Band and has traveled the South East of the U.S. promoting their music. He has also played at different small Jazz events while studying Jazz Piano.


Our Belief

“The call of a drum is no stranger to Spirituality. Is an invitation or a message, is a cry or a celebration, is a pain or a joy, is an energy that surrounds the heart and when the soul sings is the communion between humanity and the universe.”


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Worldwide Pro Musicians

We work with the best and we are glad to have the benefit of working with and to be able to sponsor some of the greatest percussionists in Latin America.

Carlos Tapado

Pro Musician

Carlos Vargas was born on January 22, 1971 in San Jose. He attended from the Conservatory de Castella since kindergarten, where he was exposed to all arts. He learned to play several instruments and his first year of college came across a percussion class with his best friend Charlemagne Vargas.

Marvin Diz

Pro Musician & Contributor

His constant struggle to achieve an evolution of Cuban music while retaining its inherent and traditional traits has done deepen their musical roots, thus achieving a vast knowledge of popular Latin percussion ...